Meet the Owner of Waste to Energy Systems, LLC

They say “When you change yourself, you change the future.” This is true for Richard Woods, owner and founder of Waste to Energy Systems. His choice to change created a business that would not only improve his family’s future but hopefully, the world’s.

Waste to Energy Systems Owner

Richard Woods owns Albany Woodworks and Waste to Energy Systems.

Richard made this type of decision once before in the name of being green. Over 37 years ago, he started his recycled flooring and building materials business, Albany Woodworks. He was committed to green practices in both his business and personal life. About six years ago, he decided having a successful, eco-friendly flooring company, a home built out of recycled building materials, his own organic garden, and his own composting system was not enough. He was unhappy with the sawdust waste his mill created and wanted to harness the untapped power that the sawdust waste held. He began researching and came across the gasification process. Armed with a good concept and lots of determination, Richard proceeded to build several of his own small scale gasification systems to see if the technology could be successful.

Above is a video of one of the first  downdraft gasification systems built by Richard Woods.

Waste to Energy Owner with Downdraft Gasification System

Richard working on one of the earlier versions of the bioHearth® downdraft gasificiation system.

After several successful builds and interest from his Albany Woodworks customers, he decided to open Waste to Energy systems. His choice to open a business that took on renewable energy issues caused his two daughters to join the ranks of Richard and his wife Judith in the family businesses, making Waste to Energy Systems and Albany Woodworks truly family owned and operated. After 5 years of intense research and development, bioHearth® was born, bringing truth to the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Richard and his Waste to Energy team continue to improve their methods to produce a system that will provide one of the best answers to the renewable energy problem.