1. Advantages of our bioHearth system – Our system offers a variety of advantage to any industry or application including:
      1. Self cleaning – ease of use has always been a primary focus for us. We want the system to operate with minimal shutdown time that is why we incorporated several self cleaning systems to our product.
      2. Small footprint – A huge component of waste handling costs is transportation. That is why the small footprint of the bioHearth system is a huge advantage. Bring the system to your feedstock not the other way around. The entire system can fit into a standard shipping container.
      3. Low maintenance – Modular equipment, clean operations and simple processes means our system is low maintenance. We want your focus on more important things rather than worrying about time consuming maintenance that other products require.
      4. 24/7 operation – An advantage of our self-cleaning system feature and our safe and easy monitoring means 24/7 operation.
      5. Cost avoidance – We know you need to make green to be green. There are numerous opportunities for cost avoidance that the bioHearth can offer you.


What can the bioHearth® do for you?

Energy independence- On site energy creates energy independence, proving to be beneficial in multiple industries and communities. Particularly beneficial in areas where power supply infrastructure, like grids and transmission lines, are impractical, under-maintained or non-existent. This could be in remote communities, agricultural settings, developing countries, island countries and more. Another benefit of energy independence is knowing that you can rely on heat and power supply when it matters. This helps in areas impacted by natural disasters such as snowstorms and hurricanes

Brand value (Sustainability) – Our bioHearth® system greatly enhances your public image by demonstrating a commitment to sustainable green energy. Environmental stewardship and responsible resource usage are quickly becoming major determiners in the daily choices made by consumers.

Social value (Local jobs)- New focus is being placed on the economic advancement of developing countries which requires reliable energy sources. Creates green-collared jobs in all economies, which are increasingly in demand for jobs that contribute to preserving or restoring environmental quality.

Waste management and conversion – For businesses that produce a highly toxic by-product, waste management can be incredibly costly and highly regulated. We can reduce harmful waste to the smallest possible volume. In turn, we limit your dependency on high costs landfills.  With the growing population across the globe, more trash means an increased costs due to over-usage of landfills and restrictions on new landfill space. If your location does not even offer waste management, this means a huge issue with what to do with waste. The bioHearth offers the option of diverting waste to a green, cost effective way of disposal.


  1. Carbon Neutral- Recent studies show that existing methods for waste removal are a major contributor to the increased CO2 levels. Our bioHearth® downdraft gasifier converts biomass waste into carbon neutral energy without environmental damage. Gasification is a carbon neutral process.  It fits into the carbon-cycle in perfect harmony by using responsibly sourced biomass as fuel. The carbon dioxide released from the bioHearth® gasification system is re-absorbed by plant life through photosynthesis, creating a complete carbon cycle. Fossil fuels release sequestered CO2, adding to the total amount of CO2 found in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  2. Low Emissions- Gasification is able to take a variety of feedstocks and efficiently break them down to a versatile fuelstream, syngas. The gasification process converts potential pollutants pass the point of harm, meaning the bioHearth emissions fall well within EPA standards.
  3. Eco-friendly Byproduct– The byproduct of the bioHearth is biochar also known as activated charcoal, a charcoal created from the breakdown of organic matter. Biochar is excellent soil additive, helping to replenish lost nutrients. It can also be used in water filtration.
  4. Energy Generation and Independence- Waste is an underused resource for energy generation. By using our waste to create electricity and heat, the bioHearth can help industries, companies and communities be green while making green.