Secret to Affordable Renewable Energy

Affordable renewable energy may be easier than previously thought.

Affordable Renewable Energy- Infrastructure Updates

Affordable renewable energy? Sounds like a contradictory statement, right? However, renewable energy is slowly overcoming its reputation of being complicated and expensive. As alternative energy systems like solar panels, wind turbines and biomass gasification systems gain momentum in replacing fossil fuels, the world is slowly realizing that the biggest cost associated with using renewable energy systems is connecting it into the aged, out of date energy infrastructure of the U.S. and other countries around the world.

Solar panels are shown on top of a Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing-funded (MASH) housing complex in National City, California November 19, 2015. Picture taken November 19. To match Insight USA-SOLAR/MINORITIES REUTERS/Mike Blake

Huffington Post recently published an article addressing this issue. It focuses on how investing into the infrastructure could make switching to renewable energy much easier and reduce its cost by as much as 30%. In many countries, renewable energy is as affordable as fossil fuels. The issue that stops a lot of companies from investing is renewable energy requires more investment up front. The funding for renewable energy projects already exists through funding from entities like the World Bank, and organizations like these can help eliminate the risk of updating the infrastructure to be green energy friendly. Last year alone, $329 billion dollars were invested in renewable energy projects. However, that is small in comparison to the $500 billion dollars given to subsidizing fossil fuels. Society needs to switch their mindset and commit to putting the work into updating the infrastructure that severely need updating anyway and saying goodbye to conventional fossil fuels.

With the next generation coming into adulthood, it is no longer a question of if sustainable alternative energy systems are needed but instead the question is why are we not switching over as quickly as possible. Climate change to this next generation is a fact and no longer needs to be proven to them.

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