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City Water Line Turbines Could Be the Next Source of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy could be coming from underground turbines in city water lines.

Renewable Energy is coming from unexpected sources like city water lines. A recent article from The Daily Good featured this new technology. An energy company in Portland recently developed a turbine in a pipe that can be placed in the existing lines to capture the energy of water moving thorough the pipes. The turbine spins which motives a generator on top of the pipe. As the video states, water and energy are closely tied. This type of renewable energy is a low impact technology that does not rely on the weather. The technology is known as the “Conduit 3 Hydroelectric Project”.

Projects like these are some of the up and coming technologies that will help change over the power source from fossil fuel to renewable. It is joining the ranks of other systems that are not weather dependent like biomass gasification systems. For the full article, click here.