Biomass Gasification gets a Thumbs Up in Recent Study

Biomass Energy

Biomass gasification is quickly gaining popularity as companies like Waste to Energy Systems continue to make advancements. A recent article on Bioenergy News website discusses the benefits of this technology in their article “Global researchers give thumbs up to advanced biomass gasification.” The article discusses a recent report published by Energy & Environmental Science creating a case arguing that biomass gasification is “as a promising, viable and economically beneficial technology for fuel and energy.” It is thanks to advancements in biomass gasification such as fuel cleaning systems like the bioHearth’s gas cleaning system that now push this technology type into the viable category. The article points out that one of the major benefits of biomass gasification is the fact it does not rely on climate to function like hydro, wind and solar technologies. Gasification Carbon Neutral

Biomass can be sustainable and abundant as an energy source. If the biomass is gathered from sustainable sources, the entire cycle can be carbon neutral. According to the article, this means “these advantages make biomass energy one of the most widely explored research fields in energy and environmental science: the major driver is to exploit low-cost feedstocks, to increase process efficiency and to decrease installation and operational costs.” A renewed emphasis on the versatility of syngas is placed in this article and how it can be beneficial for creating a variety of products.

Overall, researchers find that biomass gasification will be a big player in the renewable energy market. According to one researcher, “With the right tools, approaches and advancements we can make sure that it is utilised in a cost-effective manner, with minimal social and environment impacts.”